Need a Mantra for Happiness? Here are the Mantras for Peace and Happiness Everyone Should Try

Mantras for happiness are an easy way to practice gratitude, joy, and your power to choose your mood. Mantras for happiness can also be created based on your needs and goals, so get creative! Try your own with words that inspire you! This series of mantras for happiness can also be seen on Huffington Post, Yahoo and YourTango.

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Mantra for Happiness Day 1:

I have everything I need.

I have the power to love, to heal, and to grow. I need nothing else. I am not driven by worldly possessions or the affections of others. I exist to give rather than to take. My love is infinite, so I give it out freely without need for reimbursement. The less that I own, the freer I am.


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Mantra for Happiness Day 2:

choose to be happy.

I do not wait for happiness to find me. I cultivate happiness and love and express it outwardly, even in the face of fear. I have the power within me to let my happiness and joy shine outward, unblocked by uncertainty.

You can learn more about how to choose happiness in even your darkest times in this article.

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Mantra for Happiness Day 3:

I am a voice for peace.

In all my actions and words, I speak for peace. I am an ambassador of peace and acceptance and compassion to myself and toward others. In everything I do, I take responsibility for my duty to create peace on this earth, and to share it and teach it to others. I practice peace deep within myself.

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Mantra for Happiness Day 4:

I am in control of my actions and emotions.

Though I cannot control what happens to me, I can control my reactions. I am in control of how I treat and speak to others, and whether I take their comments and opinions personally. I am in control of what I share and give outwardly, and I choose to share love even during conflicts.

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