Inspiring Books Every Blogger, Writer and Artist Should Read

For the go-to list of books every blogger should read, it all starts with creativity. I’m not exaggerating when I say these books on creativity changed my professional and personal life, which is why they make the list of books every blogger should read. Creativity is an illusive force, but one that is becoming more and more valued in our society. So it’s no wonder authors are capitalizing on the genre, pumping out books on creativity to try to keep focus on the subject. In fact, check out this statistic:
“A popular survey conducted by IBM of 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries identifies creativity as the “most crucial factor for future success.�?  (source)
But our understanding the value of creativity does not mean we’re coming up with appropriate resources for creativity, IE more books for creativity! As a self-appointed ambassador for creative women and a creative woman myself, I implore you to take on the finding books for creativity and your own creative habits yourself. Don’t wait for it to come and hit you up beside the head! Check out these incredible books on creativity, creative women, and what makes for a creativity-driven life.

Inspiring Books on Creativity:


    Just Kids
by Patti Smith
I’ve bought and gifted this book over 7 times now. It inspired me to write again, my best friend to make art again, and my cousin to start playing live music – it’s THAT good.
This incredible story of artists and lovers Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorp will absolutely change your life.
    The Creative Habit
by Twyla Tharp When it comes to books on creativity, this one takes the cake. It’s an actual how-to book on creativity, in fact. Dancer, choreographer and author Tharp offers practical tips (and even practice sheets) to help you identify your most creatively productive habits and systems. A true gem for anyone looking to improve their mental organization and creative routines.
    Bird by Bird
by Anne Lamott Lamott is a seasoned writer and novelist, and in this non-fiction, hilarious book she reveals her tactics for making creativity and art less…well…intimidating. Insightful, inspirational and humorous. Not to mention extremely useful for anyone who finds themselves with writer’s block!
    Daring Greatly
By Brene Brown This book is more about being strong enough to be vulnerable, and living courageously. But guess what? Those are neccessary components to being creatively free and expressed! Her research findings and motivational tone is sure to set you on fire!

Have favorite books on creativity you love? Share it in your comments below! I’m always looking for new books and would love to add your favorite books on creativity to the list!