Last year, we released an 11-day Mantra Challenge, a series of mantras for happiness that helped readers build a life of contentment and personal peace over the course of 11 days. Now, it’s a powerful online class you can take right from you iPhone in less than 10 minutes per day.

Find YOUR personal power with the help of this incredible e-course! Designed to help you realize where you’ve been blocking yourself from your highest potential and happiness, this cheap and enlightening course will boost self-esteem and awaken you to a better future!

These positive affirmation mantras help:

*Build self esteem*

*Boost creativity*

*Feel happier and more content*

*Create Personal Peace*

*Help you access your purpose and potential*

Available for a limited time, you can learn on the life-changing practice of positive affirmation mantras, and challenge yourself to be your BEST. Over the course of 11 Days, learn a total of 11 powerful mantras of positive affirmation that will help you become brighter, happier, and more aware.

This ultra affordable course is perfect for anyone new to affirmations or meditation. The audio companion allows you to meditate with each mantra easily and immediately, so you can get the most benefit from each one.
At the end of the 11 day challenge, you’ll have a whole new understand of positive affirmations and how to make them work for you, plus a new meditation practice to keep up on your own!

This course is right for you if you:

-Want to overcome fears and pain of the past

-Want a FAST, affordable tool that will help you be happier

-Are ready to awaken to a better experience of your life

-Are short on time – lessons take less than 10 minutes each day!

-Have been curious about natural ways to improve your mood

Space in this class is limited, so be sure to enroll while it’s available, and get started on your new mantra practice today!

PLUS: Get a FREE Copy of the Mantras for Happiness E-book to keep and use when your course is finished!

This full course comes complete with:

  • A new uplifting Positive Affirmation for each day
  • A daily image card to add to your Pinterest boards or iphone to help you carry the mantra intention throughout your day
  • Informative reading to help you understand each mantra and how it will help you improve your life
  • Guided meditation podcast for each mantra
  • Insight Question practices to compliment each affirmation, that will help you realize areas you’ve been acting from fear or limiting yourself
  • Added lessons for those new to meditation, and helpful tips along the way!

Whether you’re looking for mantras to chant, mantras for peace, or our simple mission: mantras for happiness, these mantras work for every lifestyle and every personality.

The mantras for happiness are designed to help you see the power and potential you have to change your perspective and improve your well being. The series has been featured around the web on sites like Yahoo!, Huffington Post, YourTango, and more, and remains our most popular article to date. In an effort to help even more people – like you! – access their potential and tap into their power to live a meaningful, happy life, we’re also offering the mantras for happiness ebook on Barnes and Noble, ebook for Kindle, laptop or e-reader on Amazon, or on Smashwords. Once you’ve completed the series, take the next step to creating a happier, more beautiful life with our new Lifestyle Guide!


When do classes start?

Whenever you sign up! Each student starts at their own time. After enrolling, you’ll be sent the first introductions to the class. Then, the following day, you’ll get your FIRST affirmation lesson. You’ll get one new lesson each day after that for 11 days!

What time do I take each lesson?

Whenever works for you. One new lesson will be available to you each day over the course of 11 days. You’ll be notified via email every day that a new affirmation lesson is available. You can check out that day’s lesson whenever is convenient for you.

What if I miss a day?

No problem! That lesson will be available to you anytime you like. So you can take two the next day, skip a day, or take a handful of mantra lessons on your weekend. Once each lesson is made available to you, you can study them, try them out, and go back to them whenever you want!

I’m a busy person without a lot of extra time. Can I still take the course?

It’s actually designed with you in mind. Each lesson takes less than 10 minutes (more if you want it to!). You’ll be notified via email of the day’s lesson, then you can just click over to it, check out the day’s affirmation, meditate along with the guided meditation audio companion, and be on your way.

What do I need to sign up?

An open mind, and a computer or smart phone. You can log in and take each day’s lesson whenever is convenient in your day. Some people find that the guided meditation audio companions are great to listen to while on their commute, in the car, or even exercising or right before bed!

What if I need help?

*Proceeds of this e-course go toward funding HerAfter.com, a website full of great self-improvement and inspirational articles to help women live happier, more fulfilling lives! Purchasing this course helps to further the mission of HerAfter to reach more readers and change more lives for the better!

We’re so fortunate to be able to share these life-changing affirmations and help you create a meditation practice of your own. Meditation helps reduce stress, increases happiness and focus, and can help you be a more productive, engaged person in your work, home, and relationships. Even if you’ve never meditated before, this simple class will help you learn how to meditate, and how to change your entire life with the power of positive affirmations. You deserve to start a practice that will improve every area of your life!

About the Creator:

Rachael Yahne is a writer, cancer survivor, and former yoga teacher (200-hr Training Certified). Her work has been featured on Huffington Post, Yahoo!, SheKnows, and more.