4 Enlightening Questions to Ask Yourself RIGHT

These enlightening questions are designed to help you do some serious soul-searching in the name of purpose and fulfillment. When I say ‘enlighten’, I mean to bring light to. I mean to put your mental spotlight on the real issues and roadblocks of your life and in your behavior, so you can figure out how to make real change occur. I mean enlighten, as in to illuminate your potential and identify ways to access a more powerful you.

Do I deserve what I want and dream of?

Not in terms of skills or knowledge, those can be acquired. We’re talking about in terms of worthiness. If you can’t simply answer the question above, rephrase it by asking “am I afraid I’m not worthy of the things I want?”. The answer is that yes, you are worthy, but you might bestanding in your own way by believing you’re not. If you believe yourself unworthy of your own greatness, what would it take for you to become the version of you that does deserve it?

When and Why *EXACTLY* did I make the decision I’m not good enough?

It’s easiest to answer this question by going back through your own past, and identifying the exact moment you made the decision “I’m not good enough”. We get all of our beliefs from our experiences. Somewhere in your past is a moment (that will probably be an experience of pain or embarrassment) in which you made the decision “I’m not good enough”. Analyzing that moment will help you see what justification or reason you came up with as to why you’re not good enough.

And if you can see the lineage of your belief “I’m not good enough” through your past, try it with other areas you feel limited like career, relationships, etc. Follow it back to the first moment you can remember in which you made a belief-creating decision because of an experience.

What are the fears that are holding me back?

Being trapped in the cage of fear is the most uncomfortable, unproductive place we can be. So break free! Identify the worst case scenario and the best case scenario, and really look at whether you might still be better off even if the worst case scenario was the result of your making changes. This is often the case with taking risks , because the worst case scenario still gets us out of our current rut. It still leads us forward, and at least allows us to break free of the paralyzing cycle of ‘what if?’

What would my Highest Self do right now?

Describe exactly what she says, does, believes, and feels like. Identify how she would make other people feel. What would she try to accomplish? What’s the difference she would make in the world? How would you feel if you chose to act as her right now?
Answering these will help you create a lifestyle that fosters your highest potential from the moment you wake up to the moment you doze off to sleep again.

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