How Meditation Helps Manifest Your Goals

Sitting listlessly at my computer, wondering why my mind feels wrapped in barbwire, as if every possible direction of action seems painfully wrong. I’m not sure what to create, who to reach out to, what step to take next; it’s an awkward but frequent mental state of this time in the morning, when breakfast’s coffee has warn off, and my body craves movement to get the juices – figurative and literal – flowing again.

So I get up, take a seat across the room, close my eyes, and sink in for a short meditation. My mind becomes clear, my consciousness sinks its way down, settling in the ground floor of my being, and I feel ok again. Then my affirmation comes in “I will serve others today”. With that, I remember why it is I should be doing anything today: writing, creating, speaking, podcasting…to serve and help others.

Thus, my goals and my actions follow suit with my affirmation, and my affirmation serves my goal. The energy of the two flow both ways, symbiotically. This is why I created my meditation class online: to help other people use the incredibly powerful practice of meditation not only to reconnect with the very essence of their purpose, but to learn that affirmations can work wonders when it comes to making your goals happen in a meaningful and rewarding way. To put it in even simpler terms, here is how meditation (especially with affirmations like I teach here), helps manifest goals:

How Meditation Helps Manifest Your Goals


I harp often on the way that our beliefs create our reality. If we don’t believe we’re capable of something, we will act accordingly by either not putting ourselves out there or not even trying. Similarly, meditating with an affirmation helps re-program our brains for more productive, positive beliefs about our capabilities.Also because if YOU are uncertain about your purpose or worth, other people sense that. Conversely the more secure you are with your ability and worthiness, the more other people are likely to reach out and offer you just what you’ll need to succeed.

When you meditate with, and truly engrain yourself with the mantra like “I am worthy“, you energetically change yourself to be more open to opportunity, and the bravery needed to take the next step in your life. That way, when a door opens or a hand is extended from the direction you want to go, rather than saying ‘oh I’m too scared and not good enough for that…’ you’ll have the conviction to say ‘Yes, absolutely. I’ve been waiting for this because I AM WORTHY.’

With Visualization

A huge part of manifesting anything is visualization; the problem people make with visualization is that they either don’t stick to the practice diligently enough (with visualization, you have to really practice it daily, even multiple times a day till it’s the reality you see more so than the problems around you), or they don’t believe what they’re visualizing. You can have a dream, but if you don’t actually believe the dream could happen, you’ll have trouble being able to manifest your goals. Meditating with an affirmation that helps visualize your dream helps create a sustainable practice of both visualizing and manifesting with meditation.

Through Connection and Centeredness

I wholeheartedly believe that life only hands you the opportunities you’re asking for when you’re ready. How do you prepare? By connecting with the deepest part of yourself, and finding your center. Your center is the place you’ll have to act from when those huge new responsibilities you want finally come your way. Your center is the place that will guide you through that big obstacle or challenge. Your connection to your center will be your beacon; it will light the way and help you make decisions from a view of the bigger picture. If you seriously want to manifest your goals, you’ll need to prove you’re the kind of person that can handle it, because every goal comes with it’s own set of obstacles.

By Creating Personal Peace and Self Acceptance

As I talked about on the HerAfter Podcast last week, your dream is individual to you. It’s been created using your experience, your beliefs, and your talents, and thus it is a dream made for you that only you can accomplish. Meditation helps improve a sense of personal peace and self acceptance, and these are the tools you’ll use to get your dream and your vision off the ground. After all, you have to not only believe in the dream, but in yourself. Personal peace and self acceptance will give you the courage to be your own cheerleader and keeping pushing yourself to strive for more.

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