7 Empowering Thoughts to Tell Yourself Next Time You’re Stressed

It’s only Tuesday, and you’re likely still drudging through the priorities and responsibilities Monday had to bring. But when it comes to to-do list, nothing is less empowering than getting down on yourself. Acting with fear, trepidation, and worry wastes valuable time not just in the workplace, but in your personal life. In fact, worry might be our biggest waste of time not only because it takes up space where we might be dreaming up solutions, it zaps our energy. So instead of filling your mind with diminishing messages of fear and doubt, replace those negative thoughts with more positive and constructive ones that will fuel on the path to success:

EMPOWER Yourself Through Stress:

“I trust myself to find the solution“

You don’t have the solution right now, or at least you don’t have it in your hands, which is why you’re stressing. The truth is, you don’t have to have all the answers, you just have to be willing to go out and look for them. Trust yourself to find the solution, fix the problem, figure it all out as you go along, rather than putting the stress on your shoulders to be superwoman.

“Asking for help does not diminish my worth”

Why are we so afraid to ask for help? And that is coming from a woman so stubborn once during chemo that she actually sat in the hallway alone because she was too afraid and embarrassed to tell her family she needed help getting to her bedroom without getting dizzy and falling. Asking for help does not make us weak or needy; it makes us good collaborators. You can learn from others only when you open yourself to them. Don’t see asking for help as a cry for help. See it as an opportunity to learn from someone else while ensuring the quality of what you offer is up to par.

“Every obstacle has an expiration date”

Realize that this stress and this problem won’t last forever. Time will pass, you will move on. It might be awful to deal with right now, but this too shall pass.

“I am stronger than my fear“

You have two choices in every single moment of your life: to act from fear and limit yourself, or act from love and possibility and get on with it. Miracles will truly occur when you choose possibility and love over fear. Fear keeps you in a cage, love and possibility will open you up to opportunities and creative solutions. You can still have fear, you just can’t act from it.

“I believe in myself”

The old saying goes you teach others how to treat you. So even if you have to fake-it-till-you-make-it with this positive affirmation, USE IT. Believe in yourself, and teach others to believe in you too. Just like that first thought up above, it comes down to trusting yourself to figure it out as you go along.

“My joy is not affected by my circumstance”

Joy and gratitude come from a woundless place in our souls that simply cannot be affected by our struggle. This is a great point put across by the wonderful Shawn Achor; joy is something we can feel even in the midst of pain and suffering. We can be grateful even as we struggle. We can rejoice and choose to be happy even everything goes wrong in our life. Accept and appreciate the part of your soul that cannot be wounded.

“I have value and purpose”

What you do, what you say, what you believe, and what you contribute is absolutely valuable because you are the only person that could offer what you have to offer. Be confident in what you create and contribute. See the value you have, believe in that value, and you’ll inspire others to do the same. Your purpose and feelings have just as much worth as everyone else’s, so the key to this is both compassion for others and a relentless respect for yourself and your potential.