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Her Happier, Healthier After
A How-To Guide to Becoming Your Best Self

A simple guide to building happiness and self esteem by asking the right questions, prioritizing her best self, and consciously embracing beauty, style, wellness and healthy living.
Full of important questions to ask yourself, simple guides and tips on everything from home decor to beauty and style to exercise and fitness, this short book offers a fun, inspiring new look at how women can live fulfilling lives by indulging in the activities they love most.


What is My Purpose?
Inspiring Essays on the Questions Every Woman Asks Volume 1

How can I find my purpose?
Where does true beauty come from?
Where does my personal power come from?

This ambitious collection of essays is destined to inspire every woman to fall back in love with her self and her life. HerAfter Vol 1 is full of essays written to help you live fully, reach your potential, and create a beautifully conscious life.


Am I Pretty Enough?
Inspiring Essays on the Questions Every Woman Asks Volume 2

Am I ‘Pretty’ Enough?
How Do I Deal with Emotional Baggage in Relationships?
How Can I Be Happier In Life?

Following up to the first collection, Volume 2 focuses on feeling beautiful, and building healthy relationships with yourself and others.



 5.0 out of 5 stars “I think that Rachel is my new best friend! ” By Melissa Gullatt
“I found this ebook just when I needed it most! I was in a place where I felt very alone & trapped in my pain & thus….my depression. I read the first book “11 Mantras” in less than an hour, and will commit to one mantra each day. I think that Rachel is my new best friend! Have a Blessed Day!”
 5.0 out of 5 stars “Wanting More” By Terece Hahn
“When I started to read these essays I wanted to use this volume as a daily exercise that would allow me to address issues that I have and use it as a way to be mindful over the span of several days. Yet I was not able to accomplish my intended use for this book… I finished it in two nights! I could not put it down. Continue to write Rachael Yahne, more women need to realize they are not alone in their struggles and their insecurities.”

Can I Really Have it All?
Inspiring Essays on the Questions Every Woman Asks Volume 3

Work, Family, and Dating: Can I Really ‘Have It All?’
Is It Possible to Enjoy My Period?
What Do I Need to Do to Be Happier?

More thought-provoking and soul-awakening than ever, HerAfter’s Volume 3 collection of inspiring stories will empower you to build confidence, appreciate your unique beauty, and truly embrace your potential physically and emotionally.


11 Day Mantra Challenge
Learn the power of positive affirmation mantras with this 11-day instructional e-book

Positive affirmations and mantras for happiness to help you create a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life.
Whether you have a regular meditation practice, or simply want inspiring, motivational mantras to help you feel more mindful, content and peaceful, this series will help you.
It has appeared on Huffington Post, Yahoo!, SheKnows, YourTango, and many more sites, and continues to be the author’s most popular article.



 5.0 out of 5 stars “Read everyday!!”
By Ginger
“Even though I have finished this book I continue to start from the beginning over again. I highlight what I want to instill in me and have kindle on my iPhone and during the day I will refer to it often. I even share certain paragraph on text to people. Love the mantras”
 5.0 out of 5 stars “Positive affirmations!”
By Gayla
“It was just what I needed…even shared at work on the bulletin board.”

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